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I forgot my password.

Start the app, enter your nickname, a random password and click the “Login” button.

This will lead to the “Forgot Password” note.

An email will be send to the email address used for signing up.
Check your email account (also in the spam folder) for an email from “TYTE”.
The email contains a link to a site where you can reset your password.
With the new password, you will be able to login again.

Please note: The link will expire after 24h.

What does “Show my exact location” mean?

You can show visitors of your profile exactly where you are on a map, by activating this option.

Which pictures/videos will be unlocked, if I answer a request?

Only the public pictures/videos will be unlocked to the User, who sent the request.

What are “private” pictures/videos?

Private pictures/videos only can be send in messages. These pictures will NOT be shown in your profile.

What can I do to promote TYTE?

Social Feedback:
➜ Tell local guys to check out so that there are more men in your area!
➜ Give us 5 stars in the App Store and in the Play Store!
Contact us with your business proposal.
➜ Share TYTE with the world right now (see below).

On Networks:
➜ Tweet about @TYTEapp and talk about #TYTE.
➜ Like us on Facebook and circle us on Google+.

With Media:
➜ Watch and share our YouTube trailers.
➜ Embed the trailers on other sites, like The Footballer:
See what it will look like.
➜ Display a graphic link on your site:
See what it will look like.

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